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5 Essential must have items for every man (+ Bonus)


items every guy must own

These are an essential part of how we communicate with others, it’s a sense of our identity and a reflection of ourselves. Now I’m not here to bombard you with a list of items and leave you figuring out what you actually need or don’t need. I have listed 5 essential items I believe any man that owns these items will automatically start to stand out of the crowd. If you’re ready let’s hop into the post

Must have item for every man 1 – Elevate Your Personal Style with These Must Have Item

1. Get Yourself a Grooming Kit Every Man Should Own this essential item

men's grooming kit

This should be at the very base level, every man needs at least one grooming kit comprised of a clipper, some nail clips, some sturdy scissors a bomb or hairbrush, and some hair pickers. Now I know grooming kits don’t usually come with all the items you may want or expect so sometimes it may be best to buy a separate clipper set for your hair that comes with different clipper guard level and then a separate kit for tiny hairs and nails.

Must have item for every man 2 – Why Every Man must have a Watch

2. Embrace Timeless Style – The Importance of Wearing a Watch

Watch essential item
Photo by Firdaus Roslan on Unsplash

 Now this is another important Item I believe all guys should own and wear, before your jewelry before your chains earring etc., having a watch command a certain level of respect. According to a study by Bran and cognitive section, you are less likely to be late if you wear a watch and not just owning it. Wearing watches for us men are also a symbol of status and respect and allows us to express our individual styles. Now I’m not telling you to go buy a Rolex or other expensive brands, if that’s something you like and you want, by all means go for these watches are great. But I also understand that these expensive watches might not fit some of our budgets, so I have outlined some of my personal choices that you could get if you are having any problems. So yeah, you reading this … go buy a watch.

Must have item for every man 3 –Signature Cologne – Enhance Your Personal Style with the Perfect Scent

3. Discover Your Signature Scent – Why Cheap Colognes Won’t Do

mens cologne essential
Photo by 法号 削你 on Unsplash

At least one signature expensive cologne. Now I know I know, I might get some still for this one, but trust me guys please stop wasting your money on cheap colognes from your local dress store I promise you and when I mean cheap colognes, I mean those ones that you see for $10 and their usually a buy one get one off. First of all, am much as it makes sense to buy one of these, and your first thought is probably okay people can’t tell its cheap, Let me tell you now you’re wrong, everybody can tell. Second of all the scent doesn’t last, I promise you it probably be wearing off 30 mins after you leave your house. Third of all it makes a terrible first impression, if you’re trying to impress that girl you’ve been trying to date she’s probably not going to want to date you any more if she even did at first. Now let me get something straight, all women aren’t like this, there are women who look at your heart first before they judge you on the outside, but what I’m saying is sometimes the only impression someone can get is the first time they meet or see you because they don’t know you, so impressions do matter, throw out the cheap cologne I promise you. If I were to recommend you buying your first cologne after your first paycheck or if  you’re looking to switch I would probably suggest investing in ones like Armani code or even acqua di gio

Must have items for every man 4- The Power of a Tailored Suit – Elevate Your Personal Style with a Perfect Fit

4. Dress to Impress the Elegance of a Tailored Suit

Man in elegant tailored suit posing - essential item

A tailored suit Now do I even need speak much of this whether you’re just attending a formal event or going into work, a formal suit will leave you looking sharp and crispy. I recommend having at least on tailored formal suit in your wardrobe as this can bail as you can easily pair it with different colored shirts and rock many different combinations looks.

Must have items for every man 5 –Slim Wallet Essentials – Organize Your Style and Protect Your Valuables

5: Streamline Your Style with a Slim Wallet

Smart minimalistic slim wallet essential item
Photo by Karol on Adobe Stock

A slim wallet: Now this one might be a bit controversial choosing to carry a slim wallet, A slim wallet is another must have item, great for any man as its very easily accessible and easy to carry. Plus a slim wallet makes you less of a target for pickpockets and thieves. A slim wallet is also great because it removes the burden of carrying a fat wallet. Studies have shown that carrying a fat wallet can lead to back pain and problems such as sciatica

So, there you have it I hope this post has been insightful for you These are just 5 essential items that I believe every man should have. Of course, everyone has their own personal style and preferences, but these items are a good starting point for any man looking to elevate their style. What do you think? Do you have any other essential items that you think every man should have? Let me know in the comments!

Bonus Tip

Congratulations you got to the end of the post here the a bonus tip for you, Get your self a nice minimalistic gold or silver chain. Now I would personally recommend getting a gold gold chain – one that hangs slightly over your neck but is still visible if tucked inside your shirt. This subtle acts communicates that you know how to dress and you know what you are doing while still not overdoing it, which will draw attention to your neck muscles and make you stand out from the crowd.

So there you have it, These are the five essential items that I believe every man should have, plus a little bonus tip for you. Remember, it’s the subtle accessories that can speak volumes about your style.

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of this list? Do you agree with these essentials, or do you think there’s something else that deserves a spot on this list? Maybe you have a personal favorite item that you feel elevates your style. Or perhaps you have a unique way of wearing or using one of the items mentioned


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