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7 Ways to create a productive Bedroom : make your bedroom work for you


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Hey guys, I know I’ve been there and I know why you’re here. Why is it that every time we are in our bedrooms we just want to lay down, slack off and do things we’re not supposed to be doing? Or when we say we’re going to do something and end up dropping it in the next 5 minutes and ending up on YouTube? I know it, I’ve struggled with it and here I’ve outlined 7 tips for you guys that you can do to create a productive bedroom and make it work for you.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning to Start Your Day Right

Now this one you’ve probably heard it before. Make your bed in the morning. I promise you this has such a psychological effect on you. The thing is, making your bed in the morning automatically tells your mind, “Okay, it’s time for a productive day. I can’t be on my bed right now because it’s made and it’s not night.” And seeing your bed made throughout the day is going to make you not want to sleep on it because you know it’s not time and you should go do other things. I promise you guys this has been a game changer for me with becoming more productive.

2. Keep Your Snacks and Drinks stowed away to Avoid Distractions

Now here’s where it gets controversial, I know it, our rooms are all our comfort spots. We hang out there, relax, some of us even eat in our bedrooms, our snacks, our meals, whatever it is. And I get it, our room is our safe place. We want to be comfortable here, we want to eat here, it’s our sanctuary. But guess what? Studies have found that eating in our bedroom can blur the boundaries between different activities we associate with our room. So we fixed the first issue with regards to sleep, however, say we were eating in our room, or not even just eating, we saw some snacks laying around in our bedroom. We associate these things with relaxation and hence laying down. That’s where the problem comes, so having a designated spot where you keep all your snacks and drinks so your desk space becomes clutter free or even if you’re the type to study and snack, having a designated area where you keep your study or work snacks will help with productivity in the long run and creates a productive bedroom. Fun fact: you might even start to enjoy working because you’re looking forward to your snacks.

 3. Use Only Essential Lighting to Create a Productive Mood

Keep only essential lighting. Yes, you heard me right. So now think about this: you leave in the morning for school, you turn on your desk lamp and turn off your main light. You get back home and now you can take a nap because you’re bummed out from the day. The whole room’s dim because you closed the curtain and turned off the main lights, when you get up, it’s going to be a little bit dark but guess what? Only your desk light’s on now, so that subconsciously tells your brain that that’s the next place you are headed to and you can get productive and do some work and help create mental boundaries for different activities. Your can check out our article here on How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom on a Budget 10 ways – Juvantage or even this article on how lighting choices affect your mood How Lighting Choices Can Affect Your Mood | Psychology Today

4. Assign Different Spaces for Different Activities to Train Your Brain

Associate different spaces in your room with different activities. Now this point is commonly referred to as spatial zoning. And it’s the idea where you associate different spaces in your room with different activities. I’ll give you an example: Here’s the deal: your bed is for sleeping, maybe some reading, but not for working. That’s where your desk comes in. Your brain is a clever little thing, and it loves to make associations. So if you only work at your desk, your brain will catch on soon enough . Every time you sit down, it’ll be like, “Hey, we’re at the desk, it’s time to get down to business.” The same goes for other spaces in your room. Got a comfy chair? That’s your reading nook. A corner by the window? Perfect for some quiet reflection or meditation. You get the drift. By assigning specific activities to different spaces, you’re training your brain to switch into the right mode depending on where you are.

workspace with tablet and computer
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

5. Personalize Your Workspace to create a more productive bedroom

Personalize your workspace. This one is maybe even my favorite one on the list. You know how many times I’ve been scrolling on social media and then I’d see something that motivates me and snap out of it and get to work? Yes, many times. Now don’t get me wrong, motivation is great but discipline gets the work done. But stick with me for a bit here, here’s where it gets interesting. Because I know a lot of us have struggled with discipline from time to time and I have too. But I figured that what if I use the thing I’m working toward the most, that I want the most, to keep me disciplined? So for me, just simply having a photo of the thing I wanted or was working towards as my desktop screen was a huge motivator for me and I’d remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and I’d be able to go for longer hours. So yeah, personalize your workspace will do wonders for you. It could be as simple as adding a picture of your kids, your girlfriend, that car you’re saving towards. Personalize your workspace!

6. Ditch Your Phone and Other Devices When You’re Working at Your Desk

Ditch the distractions. I know, I know, your phone is your life – but guess what? It’s also the number one productivity killer. Make it a rule: when you’re at your desk, your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode or even better, in another room. You won’t believe how much you can get done when you’re not constantly checking social media or answering non-urgent texts.

 7. Reward Yourself with a Break or a Treat After Completing a Task

Finally, reward yourself. Yeah, you heard me right. Remember those snack bars I mentioned earlier? Well, now you’ve been productive, you’ve put in the work, reward yourself a little. Have one of your snacks, take a break, drink some water. Turn productivity into a game. Set yourself targets, and when you hit them, treat yourself. It could be something as small as a five-minute break to stretch, or a piece of your favorite chocolate. And when you come back to do more work, you’ll find yourself starting to enjoy it and see it as less of a chore than as something you look forward to.

And there you have it, guys. These are the 7 tips to being productive that transformed my bedroom from a slacker’s paradise into a productivity powerhouse. Give them a try and let me know how it goes. Remember, the key to productivity isn’t working harder, it’s working smarter. And that’s exactly what these tips will help you do. Now go on and conquer your day! Let me know if you have any experience with these tips or you found something interesting. We want to hear it!


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