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8 Ways to Style Vintage Pieces in the Modern Day


girl in white and black stripe tank top and black pants standing beside gray car rocking a modern vintage style

The allure of vintage fashion is undeniable. Each piece, from the swish of a flapper dress to the structured elegance of high-waisted trousers, tells a story. These stories, whispers from the past, evoke memories of bygone eras. But how can one wear these vintage pieces today without looking out of place? Here’s a guide to blending vintage fashion with today’s contemporary styles.


1) High-Waisted Trousers with Modern Tops: Imagine slipping into a pair of classic high-waisted trousers reminiscent of early 2000’s Y2K Fashion . When paired with a sleek modern blouse or a laid-back t-shirt and a few contemporary accessories, the ensemble bridges the gap between the past and the present yet still outwear eludes a touch of modernity.

2) Flapper Dresses with Ankle Boots: The flapper dress, a symbol of the 1920s, was traditionally paired with pearls and T-bar shoes. Today, you can modernize this look by wearing the dress with ankle boots and complementing it with a leather jacket. This combination transforms the dress from a symbol of 1920s party elegance to a contemporary outfit suitable for today’s casual and semi-formal events.

vintage fashion ankle boots

3) 70s Bell Bottoms with Cropped Tops: The 70s marked a significant era in vintage fashion, introducing iconic pieces like bell bottoms. When paired with a modern cropped top and complemented by layered necklaces and platform shoes, these vintage pieces effortlessly merge with contemporary style, creating a look that’s a testament to the timeless appeal of vintage fashion and the versatility of modern vintage style.

red bell bottom modern vintage style

4) 50s Pencil Skirts with Graphic Tees: The elegance of the 1950s pencil skirt is timeless. Mix it up with a graphic tee and some sneakers or heels, and you’ve got the perfect modern vintage style outfit that’s perfect for both work and play.

5) Victorian Blouses with Skinny Jeans: Victorian blouses are known for their detailed lace and frill designs, making them a standout piece in vintage fashion. When paired with modern skinny jeans and bold earrings, these blouses offer a balanced look that’s perfect for both daytime outings and evening events.

6) Retro Sneakers with Modern Athleisure: There’s something special about retro sneakers. Whether it’s the design or the nostalgia, they’re a hit. Retro sneakers are the perfect vintage pieces for rocking a laid back yet vintage style. Pair them with modern athleisure wear, and you’re ready for both a workout session and a casual day out.

vintage fashion retro shoes

7) 60s Mod Dresses with Contemporary Accessories: The 60s mod dresses, with their bold patterns and A-line silhouettes, can be given a fresh look with contemporary accessories like chunky belts and modern handbags, showcasing the versatility of vintage pieces in today’s fashion landscape.

modern vintage style suede jacket

8) Layering with Vintage Outerwear: Outerwear, like a 70s suede jacket or a classic 50s pea coat, has always been a staple in vintage fashion. Layer them over your favorite dress or jeans for a look that’s both vintage and trendy.

In the world of fashion, the past often intertwines with the present. By blending vintage pieces with modern trends, you can create a modern vintage style that’s uniquely yours. So, the next time you come across a vintage piece, don’t hesitate. With the right pairing, you can make it work for today.


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