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7 common fashion mistakes we all make and how to avoid them


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Hello again readers, we all know we still make sine fashion mistakes from time to time, even the most fashion forward icons you can think of, have horror shows with their fashion styles from time to time. Here in this post I have compiled 7 of the most common and worst fashion mistakes you and I are probably still making right now.

  1. Playing it safe

Now, I know we’re all guilty of this, throwing on the first outfit that comes to our mind and hitting the road. Well, here’s the problem with that: the first fit that we try on whenever an occasion is likely a product of our habits and routines, so what you’re accustomed to because they are familiar, and the problem here is the fashion stagnation that can occur. Also, the connection between what we wear and how we feel is well documented. We as humans subconsciously select our outfits based on how we’re feeling and may not do justice to the tone we want to set for the day. Fashion is ever evolving and so do trends trends just like with the resurgence of y2k fashion, we should be evolving with it, and I’m not saying following trends blindly, but learning to experiment and challenge our fashion norms will be a step in the right direction.

  1. Neglecting Footwear
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The famous saying shoes can make or break an outfit does not come just off word of mouth, it has been proven true. Our shoes are the foundation of our outfits. A clear pair of soles expresses attention to detail and shows personality traits of cleanliness. Footwear either connects the whole outfit together and gives us an elongated and heightened appearance or disrupts the outfits and destroys its flow. Just like some simple sandals or flops can take away the charm from a stunning dress, some casual jeans can be elevated by pairing them with some heels or even some clean white soles.

  1. Under or over-accessorizing
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 It is another common mistake a lot of people make with their fashion choices. Accessorizing at its heart is an art a lot of people tend to ignore and the few who do acknowledge it tend to overdo it. Over-accessorizing can create a clustered look where every detail is screaming to be looked at. On the flip side, skipping out on accessories makes our outfit feel a bit meh, just like having a cake without the cherry on top, still looks good but missing that extra something. The trick is making your accessories compliment your outfit, so think of a sundae. Like wearing a gold chain over a buttoned-down baseball jersey, or shirt or some mild bracelets with a rolled-up sleeve. It’s all about letting your accessories enhance and compliment your own personal style without going overboard. So next time you’re in front of a mirror, remember to play around with your different combos.

  1. Ignoring the Occasion
ignoring the occasion fashion mistakes

Another fashion hiccup we all stumble into? failing to dress to the occasion. I get it. We all have our go-to shirts, skirts, or dresses that we all so love. They are like our fashion comfort food, making us feel confident and secure. But here’s the kicker, sometimes we’re so wrapped up in flaunting our favorite pieces that we actually forget to dress the memo. It’s like wearing your prom dress or favorite tux to brunch – sure you look amazing, but maybe a tad overdressed for waffles? So, here’s the golden nugget: next time you’re gearing up for an event, I want you to envision the mood of the event and ask yourself what sort of atmosphere will be presented. Dive into your wardrobe and choose pieces that align with the occasion. This doesn’t mean completely neglecting your favorite pieces but rather mixing and matching them in a way that fits the scene. You never know what new combo you might come to love. Doing so, you’ll not only stand out but look impeccable, and here’s your excuse to play dress up.

  1. Following Fashion Trends blindly
following trends blindly fashion mistake

Let’s talk about the slippery slopes of fashion trends. Now just so we’re clear, I’m all for hopping on the trend train, by all means please do, after all they are trendy for a reason, but…what I don’t want you to do is mix and match a bunch of trendy clothes that clearly don’t go together for the sake of being trendy.  Its all about balance dip your heads into trends absolutely, but I would encourage keeping your personal style in the mix. Pick and choose what trends resonate most with you as an individual and integrate it seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. Remember what we are doing, its about enhancing our own unique styles and sprinkling a bit of flair on top, and not losing your self in the jumble of the latest fads. Let those trends compliment rather than supress so remember to Keep it authentic and keep it you.

6. Skipping the feedback session

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And lastly this one we have all been guilty of at one point or another, playing dress us and skipping the feedback session. We have all been there, feeling ourselves in a new outfit and convinced it’s the look, but later wondering why it didn’t land as well as wed hoped.  Checking in with a friend or family can reinforce any excitement or doubt you had about the outfit and will offer a fresh perspective for you to consider in your style, we don’t always have to take their advice, but having that perspective will allows us to change the style or mix and match for more suitable styles.

Avoid These Fashion Mistakes

And that’s all the tips I have for you reader. For those who’ve stayed till the very end, here’s a special bonus tip- a fashion mistake that everyone’s making without even realising it, so pay close attention. Yes versatility! You might have noticed people around you falling into the same routine: the perpetual ‘shirt and shorts’ guy, the ever present ‘blouse and jeans’ gal, the ‘dresses-only’ diva. Now there’s nothing wrong with having our comfort clothes or signature style, however the magic of fashion lies in its diversity and limitless potential for self expression. The key behind a successful fashion style is not just having a versatile wardrobe, but know when and how to mix and match each piece to invoke the necessary emotion and tone for whatever occasion. So next time you’re in front of your wardrobe, challenge yourself to try that piece at the bottom of the pile with another signature piece, and eventually your style and sense will become effortless.


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