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How to have a relaxing day at home 7 steps


woman sitting on white bed while stretching having a relaxing day at home

Ever felt the need for a rejuvenating, relaxing day at home? Well, I’m with you. Often our hectic lives leave us yearning for moments of calm, and we all know there’s no better place to find such than in the comfort of our own spaces. Engaging ourselves in self-care activities not only rejuvenates our spirit, mind, and soul, but also paves a way for personal growth. In this post, I have outlined seven steps that blend both fun and introspection to ensure your rest day at home is not only rejuvenating and relaxing but also memorable.

1. Visit Memory Lane

visit memory lane for a relaxing day
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Readers, before we get into this first point, I’ll need you to grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage. If you’re feeling like a whisky at 10 am, go for it. It’s your cheat day. Now let’s delve into the archives of our minds. Time-travel to your childhood. Begin from the earliest age you can remember and slowly traverse through each year of your life. Recall childhood friends, beloved places, games you played, and cherished activities. This journey of memory preservation allows you to celebrate each year you have lived as a being and can be both rejuvenating and grounding for our minds and souls.

2. Create a Memory Jar for a relaxing day

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As you rekindle old memories, you can easily grab some notes and write down memories you remembered that you’d love to keep and that stir emotions. Fold them up and stuff them in a memory jar. This is another great memory preservation technique. This self-care activity will serve as a continuous reminder of cherished memories. You can easily start this as a new hobby and continue to fill the jar with memories you rekindle and make along the way or even make this a new family tradition each Thanksgiving or Christmas.

3. Start a scrapbook

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Bring your past to life by collecting your favorite photographs and mementos of family and personal events and putting them in a scrapbook. You can even transform your digital photos into printouts to add to your scrapbook or start making new memories. One camera I love that gets the job done is the Kodak Mini shot 3 Retro camera . Investing in this picture printer will allow you to transform your digital memories into tangible keepsakes and is a great memory preservation technique to encapsulate the memories in your photos.

4. Have a Theme Day or Binge a show

binge watch a Netflix series or have a themed day for a relaxing day at home
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Ever dreamed of visiting Paris? Or an experience you wish you could live out regardless of its fictional state? Well, here’s your golden ticket to do so. Choose the setting or destination you wish for and spend the day listening to music, watching documentaries, movies and even shows about it. Here are some great Netflix shows we suggest . Yo could also try simple recipes relating to the theme or place, and even attempting to learn a few phrases in its language. Allow yourself to be fully immersed with its themed or cultural meals, décor, and even attire. Why wait till you get a chance to actually visit said place or event? Doing this will allow you to get some practice in before you do eventually get to experience it 😉

5. Meditate to relax

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring and having a relaxing day

This is a great option on the list for us just looking to still in the stillness and calmness of our minds. Light some scented candles, turn off the lights, close the curtains and sit while delving into your consciousness. Meditation is a powerful tool to center one’s being. This self-care activity allows us to connect with ourselves, our innermost feelings and relax deeply. If meditation is new to you, there are plenty of guided resources to help you start.

6. Write a letter to yourself

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Writing to yourself is a profound and powerful exercise in self-reflection and self-care. Write a letter to future you about your current feelings, your hopes, your current dreams aspirations and worries. Feel free and let loose; you only have yourself to judge. Seal it and set an open date; it can be whenever you want; maybe when you get married, have kids, have grandkids; whenever. This time capsule of emotions will serve as a reflection of your personal growth journey throughout the years.

7. Relax with a DIY Spa Day

woman in white bath tub having a relaxing day
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Have a relaxing spa day: Dedicate some time to pamper yourself, after all it is a rest day. Indulge in self care by setting up a mini spa in your bathroom, Fill the tub with bubbles, light some scented candles and even put on some of your favorite relaxing playlists. The point here is to unwind and feel as relaxed as possible, you could even set up a DIY manicure and facemask for your self with a spa kit, or find out how to create a customised skin care routine in our post. These activities will keep you feeling rejuvenated refreshed and relaxed.

And that’s all the tips I have for you, remember, fashioning a relaxing day at home is all about personal preference, so feel free to modify any of the tips I have listed for you to your liking and remember to be as creative with it as well. Embrace the joy of self care activities and the beauty of memory preservation to craft a day that rejuvenates you kindles your growth journey. If you want more tips, you can find ways to create a relaxing bedroom in our post. Or for some fun suggestions with your partner, we have it all. Until next time reader.


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