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How to style rock and dress a Preppy aesthetic look


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What is Preppy Fashion ?

Preppy fashion is fashion inspired by middle- and upper-class members in American society that embodies a timeless well put together classical but stylish look. Preppy aesthetics incorporates elements of American prestige exclusive events such as ivy leagues, private golf clubs, and country club parties. So, for preppy fashion and preppy aesthetics think your khakis, chinos, polos, plaid skirts, tennis skirts, blazers oxford shoes and you’re on the right track. Preppy fashion has come a long way since it first started post WWII, due to its popularity, its resurgence was inevitable and has come back knocking on our door and people are begging to embrace the classic aesthetic once again. Preppy Fashion eludes confidence and prestige, you can easily style and rock this look by incorporating different pieces of your own personal look with some preppy aesthetics.

Essential Wardrobe Preppy aesthetics and clothes

Preppy Aesthetics for Women

  • Plaid or tennis skirts.
  • Blouses and button-down shirts.
  • Cardigans and crew neck sweaters.
  • Pearl necklaces or simple gold jewelry.

Preppy Aesthetics for Men

  • Khakis and Chinos.
  • Polo shirts.
  • Navy blazers.
  • Oxford shoes.
  • Ties with classic patterns such as stripes or plaids

Styling men’s preppy aesthetics

young man style dressed preppy aesthetic look polo with khakis navy blazer and oxford shoes

Classic look

  1. Polo with Khakis/ Chinos: For a classical preppy men’s aesthetic look, think youthful, a polo shirt in its traditional classical look, paired with a blazer khakis combination would leave a good starting base.
  2. Navy Blazer: A navy blazer is a staple in any staple wardrobe. When paired with either polo shirt or trousers. It instantly elevates the ensemble, giving a more preppy look and can be worn for dinner outings and formal events.
  3. Oxford Shoes: Classic Oxford shoes elude a certain mist of upper-class ivy, paired with a tie with classical patterns or plaid add the quintessential preppy feel with a refined sophistication.
young man style dressed with  preppy aesthetics  light chinos, light sweater cardigan, white sneakers

Modern Look

  1. Light Chinos: A bright fitted and tailored chino given a fresh spin on the traditional preppy look for men, which adds a pop of color and modern aesthetic.
  2. Light sweater/ cardigan: One important preppy aesthetic is layering clothes, so this thinks a lightweight sweater, or cardigan. Wearing this over a simple polo shirt will give a more refined albeit relaxed and casual look.
  3. White sneakers: White sneakers in my opinion are one of the easiest ways to achieve a preppy aesthetic look. Simply swapping your traditional footwear for a pair of clean white soles, from Lacoste or tommy Hilfiger will signal a and preppy essence


  1. Leather-strap watch: Throwing on a leather strap watch is an aesthetic that will ensemble the preppy look together giving a more finished and together look.
  2. Leather Belt: Depending on whether you chose to have your polos or shirts tucked or untucked, a leather belt will help to accentuate that waistline, adding to the overall polished appearance.
  3. Classic sunglasses: Perfect accessory for a sunny day if you’re outside a perfect preppy aesthetic.

Styling women’s preppy aesthetics

Classic look

  1. Plaid/Tennis Skirt blouse: Pairing a plaid or tennis short skirt with a button-down or blouse exudes a classical preppy look at the heart of the style.
  2. Layering with Sweaters: During cooler days, a cardigan crew neck sweater or a rib knit cropped cardigan adds warmth to the preppy dress style and enhances the classic aesthetic.
  3. Footwear: A simple ballet flat shoe will do an appropriate job in adding value to this preppy aesthetic look, also topping it up with some Perl whites around the neck will add an extra touch of peppiness and bouje to the outfit

Modern Twist

  1. 2000’s y2k graphic tee & Tennis Skirt: The pairing of a graphic tee or oversized sweatshirt with a plaid or tennis skirt gives a more modern and toned-down version of the preppy look. This combo offers laid-back look, yo can get more tips styling with y2k fashion style here.
  2. Modern heel/ Boots: Experimenting with modern footwear such as high boots or contemporary heels infuses a touch modern flair and energy.
  3. Denim Jacket & Minimalist Jewelry: A denim jacket is a chic and modern twist to any preppy outfit and provides a touch of serenity and topping off with some minimalist jewelry ensures a contemporary yet subtle look.

Preppy Brands

  1. Tommy Hilfiger
  2. J.Crew
  3. Sporty & Rich
  4. Lacoste
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Brooks Brothers

In our fashion driven world, there is always room for creativity, and a personal touch. Preppy fashion reinforces the idea of timeless elegance and sophistication. Stepping out in a preppy outfit is much more than following a trend or status quo behind the dressing, it’s about expressing yourself as well in this day and age. Embracing a preppy aesthetic look and style touched up with your own personal flair allows tradition and innovation to blend. This seamless fusion not only makes a bold statement but resonates with our identities. Remember to wear your ensemble with pride, Goodluck reader.


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