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8 must have outfit combos NOW for your best fall look : Paris fall fashion trends


woman in black leather jacket and blue denim jeans standing beside brown wooden door

As the golden hues of autumn leaves paint the landscape, the transition from summer to fall beckons a shift not just in nature but also in our wardrobes and outfit combos, . The brisk air, interspersed with the comforting warmth of occasional sunrays, creates an ambiance perfect for experimenting with layers, textures, and styles. Fall 2023, in particular, emerges as a blend of vintage revivals and modern aesthetics. Whether you’re a fashion aficionado or someone seeking to update their closet, this guide lays out seven indispensable fashion outfit combos that promise to elevate your style quotient this season.

woman in black leather jacket and blue denim jeans standing beside brown wooden door

1) Leather Set – Classic Leather Jacket with Coordinated Leather Pants or Denim
The allure of leather transcends time. While the leather jacket remains an age-old favorite, 2023 sees the rise of complete leather ensembles. Donning a coordinated set of leather pants or a skirt with a matching jacket offers a seamless blend of elegance and audacity. It’s not just about black or brown; explore deep burgundies, forest greens, or even vibrant yellows to add a splash of color to foggy fall mornings.
Pro tip: Mix and match textures. Think patent leather boots with a matte leather jacket, creating depth and intrigue to your ensemble.

man in black leather jacket standing on road during daytime

2) Cool and Cozy – Stylish Outerwear
Autumn’s unpredictable weather demands versatility. The fusion of fashion and functionality becomes essential. While sweaters are a staple, think of them as canvases this year. Embellishments, asymmetrical cuts, and unique knit patterns can transform a simple sweater into a statement piece. When paired with the ruggedness of denim or the sophistication of high-waisted jeans, you have an outfit ready for both a coffee run or a spontaneous night out.

woman with high collar blazer fall outfit combo

3) High Collar Blazer
The high-collar blazer encapsulates power and poise. Its structure radiates professionalism, while its versatility ensures it’s not restricted to the boardroom. Women can pair it with a soft, flowing blouse underneath to create a play on hard and soft elements. For men, a crisp white shirt and a bold tie beneath this blazer can make heads turn.

trench coat straight pants fall outfit combo

4) Trench Coats & Wedgie High Waist Straight Jeans
Beyond their utility, trench coats have become symbols of elegance. When juxtaposed with the casual appeal of wedgie high-waist jeans, the ensemble speaks of a curated casual chic. Use belts to cinch the waist, adding definition and breaking the monotony.

5) Prep’s Triumphant Return
The nostalgic charm of preppy fashion has found its way back. It’s a style that’s polished yet playful. Beyond cable-knit sweaters, think pleated skirts, argyle patterns, and crisp tennis collars. Footwear plays a pivotal role here—patent leather loafers or classic white sneakers can define your preppy look.

sweater high boot fall fashion outfit combo

6) Sweater Weather + High Boots Combo
The quintessential fall look revolves around sweaters and boots. For a more urban vibe, try combat boots. Knee-high or even thigh-high boots paired with a short sweater dress can be both cozy and alluring. Men can experiment with boot lengths and materials, with suede emerging as a popular choice.

7) Baggy Wear Meets Elegance
Comfort meets elegance in 2023’s baggy wear trend. Track pants, traditionally seen as athleisure, can be dressed up with heeled boots and a rib knit cropped top. The juxtaposition of the relaxed fit of the pants with the structure of the top creates a harmonious balance, perfect for fall.

Those are the 7 fall fashion trends we believe are in season this fall, we hope you like them, let us know which are your favorite in the comments.


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