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How to create a signature look and still stay trendy


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Hello again reader, creating a signature look is a lot more than choosing fashion wear and timeless pieces that you are comfortable in but rather exploring the depths of your personal style entwined with discovering the nuances of trendy looks.  Here are 7  tips for you to follow in crafting your own signature look that blends timelessness with trendiness, allowing you to stay on top current fashion statement pieces while remaining comfortable in the havens of your own personal style

1. Understand your body type

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Understanding your body type is essential for creating a look with eye-catching and flattering silhouettes, while also rocking trendy pieces from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Embrace trends that compliment your natural body shape and attributes, and that will allow you to maintain your uniqueness while exploring contemporary fashion. For example, for shorter folk, maybe explore high-waisted bottoms that add a few extra inches to your perceived stature, or for taller individuals, adding more layers to your outfits might give you a chunkier stature.

2. Understand your wardrobe.

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 After knowing your body type, naturally you’ll need to understand your wardrobe. This is the baseline of what we’re working with. Assess your current wardrobe situation and identify signature pieces that you love and feel-good wearing. These pieces will give you a general understanding of what your current personal style is. Pay attention to the patterns, colors, cuts, and any other important details. Doing this will allow you to start to define your fashion aesthetics. Are you drawn to either classics, bohemian, edgy styles or even minimalist styles? This way you can start to visualize elements and signature pieces you are drawn to and help you understand your preferences for the next tip. And if you feel like your current clothes and outfits don’t reflect your personality or the type of person you are, it might be time to start doing your own shopping or shopping at a different location.

3. Select 3-5 staple pieces to define your signature look

 female with staple and timeless pieces in wardrobe

 After understanding your wardrobe, you’ll need to choose 3-5 staple pieces that will be the core of your signature look. You can easily choose outfits in your wardrobe that are still relatively new and also reflect your personal style. This could include some preppy polo shirts, plaid skirts, a denim or emo jacket, cropped pants, a rib knit dress or a graphic tee. Having these 3-5 timeless pieces will form the core of your signature style and can then be mixed or matched with trendy pieces. The best part of having 3-5 staple pieces is that you don’t need to own only 3 or 5 single pieces. You can buy multiple of these pieces in different colors, patterns and styles for different seasons. This will not only add versatility to your wardrobe, but also strengthen your signature look by incorporating variations to your staples, helping you maintain your distinct style effortlessly.

4. Create my best looks catalogue or photo album

photo album of woman's signature looks

The next tip to create a signature look while staying trendy is to create a my best looks catalogue. Doing this will not only help you inform your fashion choices and purchases but will help you gain a different perspective on what works or goes together and what doesn’t. If you’re comfortable, you can even show these to your close friends or family members for their opinions or keep it private to yourself. Creating an outfit catalogue could be as simple as trying on different staple pieces together with pieces that are trending. And since you have so much variation, you can create dozens of different combinations you can choose from. You might even decide to take things a step further and use some of these pictures in a fashion shoot portfolio which many agencies want to look at. .   How to Create Your Signature Look and a Style That Supersedes Trends – MY CHIC OBSESSION

5. Don’t overdo accessories.

When creating your signature look, sometimes we fall into the habit of selecting and wearing too many accessories that start to take away from the feel of our outfits. Accessories are meant to compliment our personal style not overpower them. Wearing too many accessories will create a cluttered look, where each accessory is screaming for attention. Simple yet effective, minimizing your accessories can work wonders in defining and adding that ‘it factor’ to your personal style.

6.Mix staples with trendy and statement pieces.

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Achieving a signature look that remains timeless and trendy involves combining your classic wardrobe staples with fashionable and trendy statement pieces to captivate the look. This dynamism allows you to blend your personal style with modern and contemporary edge in fashion. Explore fashion trends that compliment and resonate with your aesthetic. With your staples in mind, introduce trend-inspired and statement pieces such as Y2K 2000s pieces. Explore current fashion trends as leather wear, knee highs, baggie outfits , cargo pants and even belts. The key to mastering this fusion is balance. Choose one or two statement pieces that don’t overwhelm your ensemble. For instance, if you’re wearing a classic white shirt and tailored pants, you can throw on a corset belt to create a bold and fashionable look.

7. Give it time

The world of fashion is a captivating journey. Its scenery changes with the seasons, and our styles must evolve at every step. Remember what is in today might not be tomorrow, so I encourage you, reader, to think of the journey as a canvas. You’ll try fits that shine and some that may not. However, with each trial, add a stroke to the masterpiece that is your signature look. With time, the trends you hesitated will become second nature, and you’ll find yourself effortlessly knowing what timeless pieces and trends suit you. So, embrace the journey. Not every outfit will be A-list worthy, nor will it spark the emotions you crave. Celebrate the harmony of the unknown and embrace each look.

And those are all the tips I have for you, remember to try on new trends and pieces, stay true to your evolving style and have fun creating your own signature look. If you have any tips that work for you or found any of these inspiring or at least intriguing, feel free to share them with us. Your journey to defining your style is a unique one, your wardrobe is a canvas and you are the artist, so embrace the embrace the journey and good luck on your styling.


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